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     A directory of useful British car technical articles. If you know of a useful article that should be here please submit it to me by clicking this link.

Air Delivery

Bob Cleaners - An article describing a minor modification of the air filtering system for MGB (or even other LBC's) for maximum air flow with either K&N filters or even stock paper units. Pretty simple, and lots of room to add your own touch to it!

Body and Trim

Cage Nut Replacement on Triumph TR's - E-Z replacement of caged body nuts from Macy's Garage.

Fitting Badges and Letters - A detailed article about improving the way early Triumph letters and badges attach to the car. Instructions are applicable to many makes.

Reducing Scuttle Shake on a TR2 - Detailed bracket fabricating instructions from Neville Smith of the TR Register of Australia. Click here for an alternate method from Rick Fletcher of the same club.

Triumph TR4 Floor Replacement - Triumph TR4 floor and sill replacement from A to Z courtesy of Macy's Garage.

The Panel Doctor F.A.Q Page - Lots of body and paint related questions answered here by Classic Auto Restoration Services!


Emergency Brake Adjustment - A great little tip from the Temple of Triumph site for setting your emergency brake which could be applied to any car.


Adjusting Your Carburetors - For both SU's and Zenith Stromberg carbs from the Vintage Triumph Register.

Constant Depression Carbs - Dan Master's clear concise discussion of how SU Carbs work.

The Hitachi-SU Tech Pages - An exceptional discussion of SU carburettor principles and procedures. Don't let the Hitachi/SU bias fool you, this is one of the best discussions for all SU carbs online!

The SU Carburetor Type H - Tuning, Adjusting and Servicing Instructions - Step by step instructions from BMC hosted at the TR Register of Australia website. To view the pages out of order go to their Technical Information Index.

SU Variable Choke Carburettors Explained - A very good discussion of SU type carburetor operating principles by Malcolm Land.

Tuning SU Carburetors - An excellent description on the MGB Experience web site.

Tuning SU Carbs - Did you know there are over 300 different needles available for your SU carb? Maybe you didn't want to know! This article will help you figure out which one is right for your car.

SU Carburetor Needle Searchable Selection Chart - Once you have grasped the above article go here!

WinSU - Software program designed to help you pick the correct needle for your SU carbs.

Zenith Stromberg Water Choke Rebuild - A great article from John Dandy at the - They can be made to work!

Cooling System

MGA & MGB Heater Valves Page - An attempt to help folks using aftermarket heater valves to get all the heat out of them as originally possible. Not all aftermarket valves are created equal, but there are ways to beat the odds.

Ignition System

No articles right now.


TR2 and TR3 Control Head Disassembly - An excellent article written by Clive Elsdon and hosted on the TR Register of Australia website. It is a link to a Zip file that you download to your computer.

TR2, 3 and 4 Wheel Arch Covers - Interior "how to" article on proper installation of rear wheel arch covers in Triumph TR2 TR3 and TR4 models. Courtesy of Macy's Garage.


Alternator Conversions for British Cars -  Not as hard as it used to be.

MGB Electrical Systems - Probably the best MG specific electrical site on the web. Well worth book marking for future reference!

Negative Earth Conversion - Convert your positive earth car to negative earth and back again if need be. From the Midget and Sprite Club Online.

Renovating Lucas Light Switches - Written for early TR cars but could apply to many LBC's.

Understanding Alternators -- an Overview - Dan Master's excellent discussion of alternators ~ applies to ALL cars, but with an LBC twist. You should read this!

Engine Mechanical

Adjusting TR2-4A Valves - A great article courtesy of Macy's Garage.

Triumph TR4 Supplemental Oil Lines - A brief discussion at the Temple of Triumph website on whether to install this feature on your TR4.

Triumph Rear Main Seal Conversion - A great article from Mark at Macy's Garage.

ZDDP Motor Oil Additive - Some sound advice from Mark at Macy's Garage regarding modern oils and our engines.

Suspension and Wheels

TR6 Wheel Bearing Advice - Read this if you own a TR6!

Transmission and Differential

Triumph Gearbox Removing Jib - Instructions to build a simple Jib to help remove the gearbox through the cockpit.

Triumph TR2 to TR4 Differential Overhaul - A very detailed article courtesy of Macy's Garage.


Jaguar XJ-S Service Interval Counter - Detailed article on how to reset this light.

MGT Car/Body/Engine Serial Numbers - A data base for MG-T series vehicles...TA, TB, TC, TD, TF  - Chassis, engine, body, colours, owners and location.

Web Sites With a Heavy Technical Slant and/or Large Tech Articles Pages

All British Cars:

British Automotive Maintenance 101 - A comprehensive listing designed to provide the hobbyist with fundamental technical knowledge for most
British sport cars.

British Cars SOL Tech Page - Scions of Lucas tech pages that apply to all British cars. - members have access to downloadable movies showing restoration techniques. A very interesting concept!

MIG Welding - The DIY Guide - Mig welding tutorial with photographs and video aimed at beginner to intermediate welders.

Technical Info Web Sites - Link directory of technical article pages for British cars.


Tech Tips from - For all Austin A30 & A35 owners.

Austin Healey:

Austin Healey Club of America Tech Notes - Several Healey specific articles here.

Austin Healey Sprite Drivers' Club Goblins Gazette: Technical Articles - Lots of Spridget tech articles here!

Healey Surgeons Tech Tips - Tech articles page by this well established Austin Healey service centre.

Bugiii's Tech Page - Tons of tech stuff here for Frogeye/Bugeye people!

PDLJMPR's Austin Healey Sprite Technical Information Page - Name pretty much sums it up. Many articles can be applied to any LBC.


David Marks Garages - Fault Gallery - Several Jag related tech articles here.

Jagbits.Com Technical Information Archive - A huge amount of tech info for later Jags here.

Jaguar XJ-S Service Interval Counter - Detailed article on how to reset this light.

Land Rover:

Land Rover Freelander Resource Page - Lots of tech info, links and more at this site!


The Elan Factory - Technical Information Directory - A must visit page for any Elan owner.

Golden Gate Lotus Club Technical Information Page - A huge list of  tech articles for all Lotus' and many articles which could be applied to any car!


MG Car Club of Toronto Technical Help Pages

The MG Experience - Too much to list! If you own an MGB, check this site out.

The MGA With An Attitude - Self help site with over 300 pages of unusual MG tech information and a 330,000 mile MGA.

MGB V8 Conversion - An unusual MGB V8 conversion - details of custom 4 link rear suspension, twin pipe exhaust, and interior by Rolls-Royce.

Midget and Sprite Club (Technical Tips)

Muenchausen's Garage - "Homepage" to a series of MG related sites - some enthusiast horn blowing, some links you may not have looked at, and some technical alternatives that place functionality above originality. -  A special thanks should go to Bob Muenchausen for submitting the first batch of tech articles to get the Technical Page going. - Allan Lewis


Mini Heritage DIY Tips Page - 4 pages of Mini tech tips here.

The Internet Mini Encyclopaedia: "S.U.'s Inside!" - Huge database of Mini related technical articles.


TR Register of Australia Technical Information Index - Many excellent articles on this page! Most are listed above but follow this link to see them from the source.

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