KozaKŪ History

Since 1926, Manufacturers of Quality Cleaning,
Polishing and Dusting Cloths for Fine Finishes
on Automobiles and Furniture.

KozaK DryWash cloths were first used in Batavia, New York at the R.M. Walker Ford Dealership.  In those early Model T days, 2 men worked all night long with bucket and hose preparing cars for the next days demonstrations.   KozaK cloths were born out of the necessity of cutting the "car wash" expense account.  Developed by Russ Bridge of Genesee Chemical Co., the cloths saved 80% of the wet washing expense.  It was found that the cloths lasted for 50 to 100 cleanings.  Word of mouth advertising spread the news of KozaK for over two years.   KozaK cloths were originally distributed through over 10,000 Rexall-Liggett Drug Stores, Firestone Stores, Ford Tractor and Implement dealers, and through many gas and oil companies.  In addition, "KozaK Radiograms" were heard nightly over 25 stations reaching an audience of 50 million listeners.  KozaK ads have run  continually in such newspapers as the Christian Science Monitor since December 16, 1927!

The name KozaK itself was an invented name.  Edward Walker III, the first President of the company, had read that George Eastman of Kodak attributed his success to a five letter word with two hard consonants at the end and one in the middle.  Walker wrote to Eastman in Rochester, NY and obtained permission to use the patent name KozaK, which is a registered trademark along with Dry Wash and the picture of our camel. 


The original saying "Needs No Water - It's a Dry Wash" is just as true today as it was back in 1926.  It can't be KozaK unless it is also a Dry Wash.





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