KozaKŪ FAQ's

What is it?

How does it work and without scratching?

Just how dirty can the car be for the cloth to safely clean it? don't you have to wash the car first?

How do you clean it?

How many times can you use one cloth?

How do you know when it's used up?

How does it work on fiberglass?

Is it safe to use on clear coat (other finishes)?

Does it take off water spots?

How does it work in winter (salt), etc.?

Can it be used on my windows?

What is it?

Answer: Manufactured by KozaK® since 1926, Auto DryWash is a specially construcuted and chemically treated, all-cotton cloth that safely cleans and polishes dirty automobiles...without water!   Each cloth will clean an average sized car at least 50 times and replace at least 80% of the need for any wet washing.

How Does It Work And Without Scratching?

Answer: There are special features unique to KozaK® DryWash that allow it to safely remove dust, loose dirt, and grime from a car's surface, quickly and without the slightest harm to the finish.   Each Auto DryWash is constructed from a special woven process, using only the finest domestic 100% cotton fibers, still one of the softest materials known to man.  Only Auto DryWash has an exclusive, double-sided, deep, plush napped finish.   This in combination with the exclusive KozaK® formula impregnated into the fabric makes the cloth act "like a magnet" by pulling dirt away from the car's surface and holding it up into the millions of spaces provided by the superior napped finish of the cloth.

Before using the Auto DryWash to clean and polish your vehicle, it is important that the car be absolutely Dry with no presence of water on either exposed surfaces or in hidden areas like the body side moldings, chrome, trim, etc. When using Auto DryWash, keep it folded into a thick pad form.  Do Not Open Up Like A Towel.  These several folded layers of material allow the cloth to distribute the pressure of your hand more evenly and gently against the surface area of the cloth that is in contact with the car's surface.

Wipe lightly, in straight sweeps at first to remove the heavier dust and dirt.   Refold and use another suface of pad with heavier pressure to polish.  Knock out the pad frequently against the palm of your other hand while using and before refolding.  This helps to release the loose, heavier dirt from the napped fibers, leaving only very tiny particles that act as a polishing agent, similar to the effect of a fine jeweler's rouge.  Thus the cleaning and polishing performance in one cloth.

Just How Dirty Can The Car Be For The Cloth To Safely Clean It? Don't You Have To Wash The Car First?

Answer: Auto DryWash will safely remove most of the loose dirt, dust, and grime your car normally accumulates with the following exceptions...Do Not Use on areas where there is caked on mud.  These areas, usually found on the lower panels behind the wheels, can contain imbedded small stones or large grit particles that may result in a scratch if wiped.  Auto DryWash will also not remove road tar, grease or other sticky substances like bird droppings, bug splashes, or tree sap.  And...it will not take the place of a quality wax job or improve a worn-out, oxidized paint job.

How Do You Clean It?

Answer: Because of the special nap finish and impregnated cleaning formula, DryWash does not need cleaning after each use.   Under no circumstances, should the cloth be washed or cleaned with any other process, then reused on the car's painted surfaces.  To get the best performance from the cloth, frequently knock out the cloth against the palm of your other hand while using to release most of the loose dirt from the cloth.  Occasionally the cloth can be opened up and shaken out to release additional dirt particles, then refolded.

Occasionally, a few threads along the edge of the cloth might start to unravel after it's opened up and shaken.  When this occurs, the few loose threads can be simply trimmed off with a pair of scissors.  Auto DryWash does not have sewn edges.   This prevents larger dirt or stone particles from getting trapped which in turn could damage the finish.

It is normal for the cloth to get darker in color and dirty in appearance.  It is still safe to use as long as there is still a visible raised nap to the fibers.

How Many Times Can You Use One Cloth?

Answer: The length of time and number of uses you will get from each cloth depends primarily on the size of the vehicle you normally use it on and how much dust and dirt that you let accumulate on the car between each use.  While we guarantee that one cloth, under normal conditions will clean a car at least 50 times and it is not unheard of to get a hundred or more uses before the cloth has lost its' effectiveness.

How Do You Know When It's Used Up?

Answer: Generally, when the cloth's nap is hard to the touch and appears crusted and flat, then it's time for replacement.  Don't throw the old one away, however, it can still be used to help clean around the wheels, wheel wells, hub caps, beneath doors, etc.

How Does It Work On Fiberglass?

Answer: There is no difference in the quality performance of the cloth, whether it's used on painted fiberglass or metal surfaces.

Is It Safe To Use On Clear Coat (Other Finishes)?

Answer: When used according to the instructions, KozaK® DryWash is safe to use on any car finish, whether it's one of the newer finishes like the clear coat process or the softer, older paints used on "yesterdays classics".  There is nothing harmful to yourself, the enviroment, or your car in the special KozaK® formula.  Special note for detailers and auto body shops - there is no silicone or wax in the KozaK® cloth.

Does It Take Off Water Spots?

Answer: Water spots can be difficult to remove, especially when they are a result of water droplets left on the paint or waxed surface in hot sunlight.  Water spots that remain after you have used Auto DryWash, can be removed by using a slightly damp sponge, letting the area Dry and then polishing with the KozaK® DryWash.  Sun baked water spots are more difficult to remove and often require some spot waxing.

How Does It Work In Winter (Salt), etc.?

Answer: Auto DryWash can be used in the Winter season whenever the weather is nice and...provided your car is absolutely Dry.  Salt retains moisture, so before attempting to remove very light, dried-on, flaky to the touch salt, you must be sure that it is Dry - or the cloth may cause smearing or streaking on the surface.  Generally, the upper areas of the car tend to have the type of salt that can be removed using KozaK®.  The heavily coated areas around the bottom of the car usually require using a bucket and water to remove.  Caution - Removing large amounts of salt can tend to fill up the nap of the cloth and reduce the total number of cleanings you will get.

Can It Be Used On My Windows?

Answer: It is not recommended that you use the cloth for cleaning your car's windshield or other glass surfaces.  The treatment in the cloth is not compatible with water therefore streaking could result when your automatic windshield cleaner/wiper system is used.   There are numerous other products available specifically for cleaning glass surfaces.


Text on this page are reproduced with permission from the official Kozak website.