1918 Chevrolet 490 Touring

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This is the car as of July 4th.

Here is the car in its new spot in the garage on July 24th, 2003.
Note the motor and tranny have been installed.

Here is the car with the windshield frame and supports mounted - August 14th, 2003.

September 7, 2003. Here's a shot of the parts picked up at the Barrie Flea Market and a new shot of the car. Click on the photos to enlarge.


Here is what I got;

Remember these are Canadian dollars - multiply by .73 to get US equivalent.

What I didn't buy:

Plus got several leads on more parts. A successful weekend I think!

February 24th 2004:

Picked up the following two instruction manuals for the car on eBay this month. First one is correct for the car as it shows the Connecticut switch on the dash (72 pages - 5 " X 9"). The second is for later 490's as it shows an ignition switch instead (72 pages - 5 " X 8 ").


April 15th 2004:

I picked up the following Chevrolet artifact on eBay this month. Just a neat piece - nothing really related to the restoration of my car, though. An interesting piece of early Chevrolet customer service. It is a 2 page letter written by someone at the Tarrytown, New York plant in response to a question from a customer who is replacing the front springs on his 490. Dated January 7th, 1921.


June 11th 2004:

Thanks to Jim Boland for contacting me and providing a gas tank, a proper windshield frame, a carb and intake, some hood components and possibly a back seat for the car. Jim has a very interesting 1921 490 Touring which was converted to a pick-up. You can see a picture in the Gallery section. A special thanks to George and Sheilah van Norstrand of Keswick for generously donating a drive shaft and some tranny gears to the project.


August 29th 2004 - I'm a little late with this. I picked up this 490 and Superior "fuel gauge" on eBay last month. A neat find and almost local. Barrie flea market is coming up in a couple of weeks - hopefully I'll have more finds to post here...


June 13th, 2005 - I can't believe its been so long since I've added anything here! Below are a couple of more interesting old paper items I got off eBay. The Chevy letter has nothing to do with 490's but I thought it was amazing that it survived all these years. The Perrine Fenders flyer may explain why I have reverse curve fenders on my '18 as it lists only one aftermarket fender for the whole 490 range. As for the car I have picked up a coil recently and a set off wheels should be in the garage soon!