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Some of the cars completed by Heritage Coach Trimming:

Cobra interior and convertible top specialist!

1912 Wolseley (car in logo) - Made up new convertible top including pads, side curtains, all produced in "Stay fast" materials. Reupholstered seats, front and rear, including the installation on new springs, new door panels including door pockets, all made out of leather. Made up new carpeting in "Wilton Carpet" front and rear.

1914 Russell Knight - Touring car (Canadian Built) - Made up totally new convertible top including pads, and side curtains. The convertible top bows were covered with hand stitched leather. The seats were reupholstered in leather, and new springs installed. Made up new door panels in leather, as well as all new carpeting for the entire car.

1942 Cadillac - Custom made convertible top, new pads, and new window assembly, all made with "Stay fast" material.


1946 Ford Convertible - Custom built convertible top and rear window assembly, new pads in black "Stay fast" cloth material.



1953 Austin Healey - Made up total new interior, using the original aluminum seat frames, new leather, vinyl, and foam. Made up new door panels and inner door linings. Installed new carpet and kick panels. Covered rear cockpit and trunk in "Hardura" as per original, including the make-up of centre arm pad. * Awarded "Best in Show" at Austin Healey Conclave in Indianapolis.

1956 Ford Sun Liner Convertible - Installed new convertible top, new pads and new window assembly. Stripped down, and reupholstered complete interior, including new door panels, carpet, trunk panels and boot cover.


1956 Jaguar XK140 - Installed new convertible top, headliner, pads and new window assemblies.


1960 Aston Martin DB4 - Removed complete interior, rebuilt seat assemblies (front and rear), supplied new foam and covered with "Connelly leather", made new door panels and upholstered in leather. Stripped down dash and reupholstered. Supplied and installed new headliner as original material. Supplied and installed new "Wilton carpet".

1961 Aston Martin - Reupholstered front and rear seats, with new webbing and foam, front and rear quarter panels, door panels, and cover all completed in leather.



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