1918 Chevrolet 490 Touring

Follow the extremely slow restoration of this car here. Hopefully the internet will still be around when it's done!

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The following pictures and text are from June 2003 when the car was brought home and sorted out. Click on thumbnails to enlarge.







UPDATE - This motor and tranny was with the car but is a 1928 Motor. It is for sale separately from the car.


Here's what I got off of the block;

The motor and tranny for the '28 Chev is available for $100.

This motor and tranny has been sold!


Now the parts collecting begins. Below is a list of the major components I'm after. If you have any 490 parts for sale please contact allan.lewis@sympatico.ca .

Any advice or parts for sale call Allan at 519-922-3321 or E-mail allan.lewis@sympatico.ca .

The car is located near Collingwood, Ontario. I'm about 1.5 hours northwest of Toronto.


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